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Razi transparent twin adhesives have good adhesion on glass. This powerful adhesive is widely used on metal, glass, ceramic, wood, stone, marble, plastic, PVC, rubber, etc. surfaces. For Razi transparent twin glue, the temperature of the environment has a significant effect on the amount of adhesive, the hotter the environment, the twin glue will dry faster and the lower the ambient temperature, the longer the Razi twin glue will dry.


Practical tips and uses

In the first step, clean the surfaces from any dust and grease. In a clean place, mix an equal amount of the contents of tubes A and B for 30 seconds.


Safety tips and maintenance conditions

In case of contact with skin and eyes, wash immediately with water. Keep away from flames and sparks. Mask and goggles should be used as much as possible during application, and proper ventilation should be used at work

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